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inches of snow today. president obama is pushing to get more young people to sign up for health insurance. stopping by a white house youth summit. the president encouraged young adults to show their friends how to enroll. georgia republican tom price is pushing his own health care legislation that he says is more attractive to young people. >> mr. president, we got a better idea. give me a call. stocks were lower and investors are worried that a pair of better than expected reports on the economy will mean the federal reserve will start pulling back the stimulus program. happy van winkle sells just 7,000 cases of the bourbon. made even more rare by the recent theft around $26,000. as the search for the thief continues. >> be able to -- it is an inside job. >> the sheriff isn't buying this was all a publicity stunt. >> i was going to post a photo on facebook. >> it's one of her explaining she's teaching students how quickly a photo can beseen by lots of people.
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>> three and a half million people liked it. >> you can't just post something on there and think it's not a big deal because it can be a big deal. there was a seahawks recovery and a touchdown the crowd went so wild, that at a seismic recording station nearby, a tremor measuring between magnitude 1 and 2 shook the ground. it has been almost a year since the sandy hook school shootings and now a judge has ordered the 911 tapes from that awful day be made public. >> that comes over and above the objections of the connecticut state officials and the majority of the victims' families. and while we agree with and even applaud the judge's decision to uphold the first amendment rights to air the tapes, just because we can doesn't mean we should put them on television. and after talking about it and listening to the tapes, we decided that in this particular case, the news value of the tapes does not override the emotional pain that they may cause some of the viewers. however if you really want the hear them they are on the
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website, and we wanted to give you that choice. the world's largest department store is drawing big crowds for its opening day in the district. wal-mart opened two stores and bruce johnson reports the stores bring jobs, shopping bargains, and some controversy to the city. >> reporter: many of the employees at wal-mart's georgia avenue store were excited about their newest and by far biggest business. >> it's fabulous. >> and we don't have to go all the way to maryland to get our groceries and products now. >> reporter: wal-mart says 23,000 amly cants applied for jobs at georgia avenue and the h. street stores, 600 people have been hired. we learned at midday today that company policy would not let us talk to employees at random. can't talk to employees unless what? >> you can have a media representative. >> reporter: in private conversation at georgia avenue we found an army veteran a former nursing home employee,
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and a wal-mart transfer. board council member bowser on who got jobs. >> we understand there's about 70% d.c. residents, front line employees and management employees and coming from veryless by. >> reporter: approved an interview with the pharmacist. a five year wal-mart employee at howard university graduate. >> i started out in 2008 at a cashier. and then i had the opportunity to talk with my manager at that time to let her know i was kind of interests in changing and moving up. >> reporter: wal-mart workers are earning $9.25 or # dollars 50 an hour to start. they'll see an increase possibly to $1.50 an hour if -- $11.50 an hour if a minimum wage bill is approved. what do you think they ought to pay people here? >> $12 an hour. >> reporter: you don't think they're paying that right now? >> the cost of living is too much in d.c. >> reporter: several customers said paying wal-mart workers $1 above the national minimum wage law should change. >> i guess i'm just opposed in
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wal-mart in general. >> reporter: but you're here two more wal-mart stores on the books but nowhere more anxious to get a wal-mart store than here in southeast. this is a massive skyland development over there good hope road. city has already spent some $42 million to acquire this land and move the existing businesses. wal-mart now scheduled to open here in 2016. this is bruce johnson reporting from southeast washington, for wusa9. >> thanks bruce. one of the crews also visited the wal-mart that opened on h. street today. and he found that lots of cars were being ticketed because parking is limited in that area. so if you head down there, be sure to read the signs before you park. and d.c. council member david catania may join the crowded race for major of d.c.. today he filed the paperwork he needs to file an exploratory committee. he is formerly a republican. in the november general
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election he's running against whoever wins the democratic and the republican primary. part of the minimum wage hike passed by the d.c. council yesterday would expand the number of people getting sick leave in the city. it expands the 2008 bill to include people who work for tips. the council is set for a vinyl vote on -- final vote on the measure in the next few weeks. a checkup now on the affordable care act. the white house says nearly 30,000 people signed up for health insurance coverage on over just the first two days of december as the website was relaunched. and that 30,000 surpasses signups during the entire month of october. but getting young people to sign up and healthy people to sign up is the key. the premiums that young healthy people pay help to bring down the cost for the sick and the elderly. at a white house youth summit, president obama encouraged the young people there to spread the word. >> for your friends and your family, the most important source of information is not going to be me.
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it's going to be you. >> and on capitol hill, republicans held hearings on the health care law and they explored whether young people will sign up. especially through a website that has been so plagued with problems. well, wusa9 is in the midst of a virtual joy campaign for the holidays. our debra alfarone is in the web center with a look at how you can help us make a big difference for a lot of folks, debra? >> and you don't even need get up from the couch right now if you have an ipad or a laptop you can do this with me. go to today we are focg usinon one of the five organizations, want to click on give and gift and go down a little bit and show you this is bailey's crossroads community shelter. the toys will go teiids -- there go to kids who are homeless. they don't have a tree, no return address on the letter to santa. you can give money of course. or a toy. and it's really just a couple of clicks, it's very easy to do. i want to tell you though, our mission is we're going to clean this out. we're going to get rid of all of the toys right here.
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we started off this at 5:00 with 51 toys, got to tell you we have actually sold 33 of them. 33 of you or 33 toys have been sent out to kids directly to them. now we're going to be near throughout the rest of the show and then the 7:00 show. won't you help bring that number to zero and let's get the toys bought before the end of the newscast? guys. >> you can do it. sometimes people in need could be closer to you than you think. two students at george mason university found out that several students at the school are homeless. an wusa9's photojournalist danielle gill explains the students made the discovery while looking for ways to help the less fortunate. >> i guess it's naive of us to think there wouldn't be any homeless people. >> we find that a lot of the students are able to pay the tuition and fees up front for the entire semester. can that during the -- and that during the course of the semester something happened and then they need temporary support in order to get back on
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their feet again. >> this need led the seniors jordan and mair to devise the plan. >> we started a student meal assistance fund meaning the fund people can donate money to it. and that money will turn into vouchers to students that are in need or that are homeless. >> we started with that $1,000 in kind donation and since then which was about a month and a half ago it has doubled in size. >> students can receive these vouchers from the office of student support and case management. >> a lot of students who find themselves in this type of situation don't either want to be identified or don't want to -- don't want to disclose the nature of their concerns or their problems or difficulties. so everything is kept private here in our officer. our job is to remove the barriers that students may see that impact their education in a negative way. >> danielle gill, wusa9. >> well, still to come, the issues congress will be dealing with over the next two days and weeks could take a big bite out of your wallet. topper? >> well, the high and low today we had a break in terms of
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temperatures. it's a harbinger of things to come. officially 57 was the high. 40 was the low. averages are now down to 50 and 36. i'll mention this again, sunset 4:46. that's as early as it sets and it won't change until december 12th. we'll come back and talk about a spring to winter forecast in a bit. >> but first, getting creative while trying to help people cross the street safely.
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while we give you new information about being loud in fairfax county. the fairfax county board of supervisors unanimously passed an ordnance last night to let police ticket you if your party is too loud. that would be a misdemeanor offense and come with a fine of up to $500. they are on pace to break the annual gun sales record and some of that credit goes to a pretty brisk business on black friday. according to the figures from the virginia state police, there were more than 3900 gun transactions on black friday alone. and as of monday, state police had noted more than 431,000 gun transactions for the whole year. all right, safety is taking on a new look in part of maryland. some crosswalks in downtown baltimore are being painted to look like hopscotch boards. you remember that game from when you were little and you
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jump on one or two feet depending on the square? it's one of four new designs and another looks like a giant zipper. careful. all right, well today they tell me it's international cheetah day. and just think you forgot to get me a present didn't you? but i have one for you, take a look at this. oh man. that is an adorable chi that cub. -- cheetah cub. a solid 7 on the richter scale of cuteness. as they say just wait there's more. boom. how about this little bundle of fun? an avalanche of cute. literally. and guess what we're not done yet. this is mama and her four little cubs looks like they're having a bit of a meal there. to celebrate cheetah day the national zoo released the photos for us, the zoo says two cheetahs gave birth to ten cubs in just the last three weeks, mama, babies all bonding well. >> not get in the way of babies trying to eat. >> no. >> no. all right, did you catch those amazing shots of the u.s.
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capitol on "60 minutes" sunday night? we're going to tell you why the no-fly zone was not an issue coming up. yƱ m.
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you may have watched those great shots of the u.s. catol
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on "60 minutes" sunday night. and wondered how were they able to get so close with the no-fly zone in effect around d.c.? well, it turns out it took an act of congress. washingtonian magazine reports that both houses of congress signed off on the exemption of the ban on aircraft over the city just for that story. and by the way, it was about the 150th anniversary of the capitol dome. well, speaking of the capitol, a couple of key battles looming in those hallowed wools of the hill over the next couple of months and how they turn out could have a big immax on you. lets us begin with the farm bill. that runs out next friday. and if that happens, well, food stamp programs could be left in limbo, the price of milk and other dairy items could spike and i mean way up. today though the four lead negotiators say they are making great progress. then there would be the subsidy that federal employees get to commute to work as of january
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1st you are getting a boost. $250 a month to have -- help you park your car. but if you take advantage of the subsidy to use mass transit instead that's going to drop from $245 a month down to $130. that is unless congress acts to change that. and of course we cannot forget that congress kicked the can down the road on the budget a while ago. the next deadline for a budget deal is next friday. that would be december 13th. but if there's no agreement then, no immediate consequences like hitting a debt ceiling or the government shutdown. no, the real deadline is january 15th. that is when government funding actually expires. and by all accounts the two sides are nowhere near an actual deal. oh boy. all right, so one thing we can agree on is it's going to be a little hot? and it's going to be a lot cold. >> it is. just hang on don't get used to the 60s because you know it can't last long in december. we have a big area of arctic air that's going the seep in --
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to seep in here over the weekend. what it's doing now? take a look. bismarck actually had some sleet and snow earlier which is kind of unusual. mainly just all snow. it turned to all know as it's -- snow as it's gotten super cold up there. 10 to 15 degrees below zero tonight. it's awfully pretty. live look outside. it's our live michael & son weather cam. after a high of 57 we're still 53. temperatures are not going to fall much tonight with the clouds and the humidity up there it's %. 're looking at a low probably hovering around 50 downtown. and upper 40s to around 50 in the 'burbs. here's the cold air. it's 8 right now in bismarck and it's 7 below in great falls. and our looking at a big change in temperatures. 68 now in dallas. but they have a winter storm watch for tomorrow. that's how much the temperature is going to fall there. at 24 hours and also it's going to fall here. not so much at 24 hours but between friday night and sunday morning, a big time change.
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we're still 53 and still in the warm side. 45 rather in buffalo. still 55 in chicago that cold air though gets in there tonight. so right now it's mild. 53 rockville. 52 in reston and 55 fair tax. this is kyle -- fairfax. this is quite a deal. 53 college park and even 56 in waldorf. okay, so mild tonight. mainly dry. you may see a couple of showers but primarily after midnight. and then mild at the bus stop. 48 to 54. that's a good deal. and then the 60s roll in tomorrow. we're talking -- we're not talking about low 60s we're talking about mid- to upper 60s and well into the 60s everybody tomorrow and then a wet finish to the week. and weave had showers in all week but i think friday would be good day to actually take your umbrella. enough showers to warrant that. for tonight, mostly cloudy. quite mild. shower possible. low only around 50 and winds out of the south at around 10 and maybe some upper 40s in the 'burbs but either side of 50.
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certainly downtown. 60 by 11:00. and low 60s by 1:00. next three days, still mild on friday. good news. bad news some showers and some light rain. 60. maybe a morning shower on saturday. then colder. only in the 40s on saturday. that will set the stage for what is not going to be a snow event. it's going to be an ice event. very shallow layer of cold air will keep temperatures around freezing much of the day on sunday north and west and wintry mix. sleet and freezing rain. redskins in town. ravens in town. you watch the game right here on channel 9 we go back to the 50s on monday with showers and then cold again tuesday and wednesday. and maybe a flurry next tuesday. oh when you talk about flurries you think about the holidays. and what better time for us to focus on giving some joy to some needy families for the holidays? that's what we're all about the today. >> yeah man this is a great push. and our debra alfarone is in the web center to explain just how you can help and like you say, you don't have to move a muscle. >> reporter: you really don't. if you have an ipad or a laptop you don't have to move from the tv. just go here.
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click a couple of places and to show you exactly how easy it is certainly we've got jan jeffcoat. she's in the newsroom right now and she's going to show you how easy it is. jan? >> i'm sitting here at a desk right now and anybody at home can do this from a desk or a tablet. just go to the page, and you're going to want to clonick the give joy tab you see at the top of the page. once you click on that and scroll down, you see a little old me? you can give a gift and give a donation or give a card. if you want to give a gift click on in and check it out. these are all the organizations that veterans of america supports. the best thing about this guys? is that you don't have to guess what toy to get for one of these kids because their win lists are already on the -- wish lists are already on the site. let me show you how. over here i'm going to click on supportive services for veterans and families, this is in washington, d.c. and northern virginiathing the going to take me to the amazon
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page. this is the page of the toys all the kids in that organization want. i'm going to order the darren shock ball hot potato game. i'll add that to the cart and once i do, it's going to take me to this page. you see this? supportive services for veterans in alexandria. virginia. i can ship it directly to this address. once i do that, it's done. gone. it's that easy. that took me what guys? 40 seconds maybe at the most? so anybody can do this at home. and so i'm challenging the anchors right now, derek, lesli included i just ordered three toys, top that. [ laughter ] >> awesome jan. thank you guys so much. and just thank you all at home too because so many of you are giving at this point. we're going to keep this going for the rest of the night. 7:00 we're going to examine back and tell you how we're doing and again volunteers of america is helping us, they have five different
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organizations that really help people in need. kids certainly need it and you want to stick around. give some joy. >> all right. so still ahead you may think this is a picture of morgan freeman. but we're going to tell you what you're really seeing. up next.
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so this is just an amazing -- photo here that appears to be blowing up on the internet. but maybe it's not a photo. it's an image of morgan
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freeman. right? it's not actually a photo. it's actually a finger painting made on an ipad. the 26-year-old artist said he spent over 200 hours over the course of a month to get it right. >> impressive. >> that looks like a photo. i mean it looks like a picture photo. >> it really does. the guy is either talented or the i pad can do -- ipad can do anything. then there's the university of maryland engineering student who set himself on fire and jumped off a cliff. >> it's youtube description says this one said he wanted to know what it would be like to be on fire in a controlled environment. here we go one two three yeah! now -- they're looking for their next challenge. which -- i don't know where go from this. -- you go from this. this is pretty bold. >> i'm -- i don't know that i believe that that's real fire. >> i think it is. i think they had a suit and -- were able to pull it off man. >> i don't know. >> what is it? >> that's it for us. you'll have to find out later.
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cbs "evening news" is next. >> i'll be back at 7:00 with jan jeffcoat for the only local news at
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>> pelley: tonight, calm in a crisis. just released 911 tapes give us new insight into the sandy hook elementary shootings. they reveal ordinary people and their disciplined action to protect children. more than 40 million americans face severe winter weather. we'll look at where it's hitting and where it's going. a cbs news investigation exposes a lethal trend in recreational drugs. holly williams on a threat most of just never heard of. >> it's too risky. it's literally playing russian roulette. >> pelley: and the light's fantastic. ben tracy shows us the aurora borealis as we've never seen it
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